Our Story



Dan’s Rip’n Hot Sauce

 I was visiting my in-laws for a Sunday barbeque when the next door neighbour came by to join us.  This neighbour really loved hot peppers, he would eat them raw, with meals and use them on just about anything!  I on the other hand could not even handle black pepper. When he came over he brought some home made pizza, and asked if we wanted to try some.  The pizza looked very appetizing, as I reached over for a slice everyone shouted “Dan careful it’s really hot” Spicy Hot!  Being the clever guy that I was I scraped off all the toppings down to the dough.... Big mistake because the sauce and juices were soaked into the pizza. As I started to eat the slice, my eyes started to water and my mouth began to burn to the point I was breathing fire. I thought to myself ok FIRE…. ok  WATER and I started to fill my mouth with ice cubes, looking like a chipmunk on a mission. At that point everyone was on the floor laughing, but still no relief in sight to my agonizing pain. Little did I know or realize at the time, that a glass of milk or piece of bread would have been better.
 Since then I have worked in many fine restaurants and hotels, and along the way developed a passion for sauces including hot sauces. From there I began to do some research on what makes a hot sauce hot, going to a variety food shows and talking to people about what they like and look for in a hot sauce. I have listened to many say they want it hot and flavourful yet all I could find was hot and very hot, but not with much flavour. So I went searching for the perfect sauce. I sampled many different types, building up my tolerance to the point where I could handle hot sauce in the tens of thousands of Scoville units. Scovilles are the units that measure how hot a pepper is. I have concluded that there are many hot sauces out there but not with much flavour. It is then I decided to develop a hot sauce that not only would be hot but also very flavourful and so…….

 Dan’s Rip’n Hot Sauce was born.